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Hack0nFest Season 2 Bringing Bug Bounters Together

Hack0n Mentors

The rapid handle injects into the bashful lift.

Mentor & Moderators

Shadab Ansari
hackonfest2020 mentor
Information Security Consultant

Xiarch Solutions Pvt Ltd

Information Security Consultant | CTF Player Hack the box | Security Researcher bugcrowd.

Sriram Kesavan
Founder & CEO

Techgreech Groups, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Google VRP Top Security Researcher | Bugbounty Hunter | Hacker boi


Galuh Muhammad Iman Akbar
Hackonfest 2020 mentor
System Security Administrator, Indonesia

Cyber Security Enthusiast, CTF Player

Bug Bounty Hunter at Cyber Army Indonesia | Bug Hunter at Red Storm Information Security | Certified Secure Computer User (C/SCU) | ICSI | CNSS Certified Network Security Specialist Indonesia.

Adarsh Kant
Senior Project Manager at AIRobotica Services Pvt Ltd

Cyber Crime Reporter, Nagpur

Penetration Tester | Ethical Hacker | Cyber Crime Investigator | Bug Hunter | Technical Speaker | Cyber Security Trainer | Cyber Forensics Investigator | Cyber Crime Reporter | Data Science Enthusiast.

Cyber Cell Uttar Pradesh police

Cyber Secuirty Mentor at Skillship Foundation, Delhi

Intern at Cyber Cell,Uttar Pradesh police|coder| CyberSecurity enthusiast.

Kathan Patel
Rahul Neware

Researcher in cybersecurity

Researcher in the filed of cybersecurity and bugbounty

Core Team Member

Nikhil Srinivasa Sankar
Core team Member

Project Manager at Skillship Foundation, India

Deekshita V

Campus CEO, Skillship Foundation

Shashank Kumar
Team Member hack0nfest 2020

Founder at EduSmartUp, India

Akanksha Gupta
Core team Member

Creative Designer at MWLabs

schedule & pass

Exciting Content that you will learn with us

Monday 14 December 2020

20:00 pm - 22:00 pm

Be Online
From anywhere


Hack0nFest 2020

welcome remarks by

Sachin Pandey - Founder and CEO at Skillship Foundation

First Week 1

20:00 pm - 22:00 pm

Be Online
From anywhere

Introduction about Hack0nFest2020

Short Introduction Session | Learning Kit will be provided |
Mentors Connect | what you are going to learn |
Task for upcoming week

14 December 2020

20:00 pm - 22:00 pm

Be Online
From anywhere

Be a Sherlock Holmes


Technology which use to find the bugs

Tools - Find Ultimate level of bugs through power of tools and your mind

Bug Hunting Start - Start brain storming with your alloted mentor

Introduction to Bug Bounty - Find Ultimate level of bugs through power of tools and your mind

Bug Hunting Start - Overview of Bug bounty

- Introduction to Bug Bounty Platforms

- Understanding Bug Bounty Program

- Choosing your first program

- Filtering Bug Bounty Platforms

Getting Started with bug bounty

  • Computer Basics
  • Operating System Basics
  • Servers Basics
  • Computer Networks basics
  • Linux Basics

  • Bug Bounty Overview:

  • Understanding Bug Hunter Mindset
  • Choosing your first bug
  • Bug Bounty Principles and Procedures
  • Phases of Bug Bounty

  • Bug Bounty Basics:

  • Reconnaissance and Information Gathering
  • Automating Reconnaissance

  • Understanding Bugs in Brief:

  • OWASP TOP 10 Introduction
  • XSS
  • Directory Transversal
  • Subdomain Takeover
  • Brute Force attacks and no rate limiting
  • Command Injection or RCE
  • CSRF
  • SPF, DMARC Records misconfiguration
  • Week 2

    20:00 pm - 22:00 pm

    Be Online
    From anywhere

    Live Free Or Die Hard

    Deep dive into filed of cyber

    Exciting content will be updated soon

    Week 3

    20:00 pm - 22:00 pm

    Be Online
    From anywhere

    Be a Eagle Eye

    never miss the Bugs

    Exciting content will be updated soon

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    One Month Pass

    Deep dive into field of cybersecurity here is the chance to start your career in the cyber world.

    You will get the mentors support

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    Hall of fame

    Go Hard or Go Home.

    Rank 1

    Keep Calm and find bugs...
    Name: Mariam Varkey
    Bug Count : 18

    Bengaluru | VIT University

    Rank 2

    Keep Calm and find bugs...
    Name: Himali Luhar
    Bug Count : 5

    Ahmedabad | Vishwakarma Government Engineering College.

    Rank 3

    Keep Calm and find bugs...
    Name: Jose Praveen
    Bug Count : 1

    Chennai | India

    Rank 4

    Keep Calm and find bugs...
    Name : Yadnyesh Mulay
    Bug Count : 1

    Nashik | Gokhale Education Society's R.H Sapat College of Engineering, Management Studies & Research

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    298, Nagpur India

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    Events details & FAQ

    Why Hack0nfest Initiated.

    Why Hack0nfest Initiated

    20:00 pm - 22:00 pm

    Be Online
    From anywhere


    Insipired by you - for the community to the community

    Hack0nFest Initiated by

    Skillship Foundation - with support of various active open source community contribuetr and the of team Ethical Hackers and Bug Bounters


    Today we are almost entirely dependent on hackable technology. Your phone, your computers, your car, your bank and credit card purchases, even your smart home devices and alarm systems (IoT) can be hacked into.In fact, a hacker attack takes place worldwide every 39 seconds, affecting one in three Peoples each year.

    In the era of digitalization, we are creating the sparks in the Digital country of young blood through the Hack0nFest by giving them knowledge and guidance in the field of cybersecurity with the help of amazing Experience Mentors

    For the Companies here is the opportunity to pick from the amazing talent pool that is expected to be present at the Hack0nFest2019


    • Hack0n Fest is a global level BugBounty program where the participant will allow to participate from any countries border is not a barrier for them.
    • Hack0n Fest is a 25 days Online fest, our primary motto is to help an individual to develop CREATIVE THINKING AND BUG BOUNTY SKILLS.
    • Our vision is to give the opportunity to student Bug Bounters to come under the influence of some of the best Ethical Hackers in the country and experience new technology.
    • We want to spark cyber awareness between the students and get the ideas and skills to be sharpened in the young blood.
    • For the Companies here is the opportunity to pick from the amazing talent pool that is expected to be present at the Hack0nFest2020.

    Frequently ask question

    20:00 pm - 22:00 pm

    Be Online
    From anywhere

    We understand you have various questions Right?

    No Worries we are here to support you


    Whom this program is for?
    - This program is for any person who is at any level of Hacking and Cybersecurity knowledge. All you need is zeal to learn something new every day.

    Will we be providing any kind of resources to beginners?
    - Will we be providing any kind of resources to beginners? Yes, We will provide leaning kits to all those who want to enter into this domain.

    What will be the duration of the program?
    - This will be a 4-week long intensive program.

    On what Criterias a participant will be judged upon?
    - A participant will be judged upon the number of Validated bugs he/she reported.

    How we’ll be validating the reported bugs?
    - A We have a separate panel that will go through all the reports and will provide points to accepted reports.

    Is it free?
    - Nope it will be a very minimum amount.

    Code of Conduct

    Terms and Conditions.

    Code of conduct

    20:00 pm - 22:00 pm

    Be Online
    From anywhere

    Hack0nFest Code of conduct

    Every one must follow this code of conduct

    Hack0nFest Initiated by

    Skillship Foundation Hack0n Fest aims to be a one month Bug Bounty Fest where all Online attendees and Mentors feel welcome, included, respected and safe. All attendees–including sponsors, students, Mentors, judges, and organizers–are therefore required to abide by the following code of conduct at all times.

    Our Hack0n Fest is dedicated to providing a harassment-free space for everyone, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, ability, physical appearance, race, or religion.

    We do not tolerate harassment in any form from online attendees. Sexual language and inappropriate imagery are not appropriate for submitted projects or at any time or place during the event, including talks, online sessions, and online media. Attendees violating these rules may be sanctioned or expelled from the event without reimbursement of thier Event Registration Amount, Any events that violate the Hack0n Fest Code of Conduct should be reported as specified in the procedures at the end of the document.
    Full Version
    Harassment includes, but is not limited to: offensive verbal comments related to gender, age, sexual orientation, ability, physical appearance, race, religion; sexual or graphic images in public spaces; deliberate intimidation; photography or video recording someone without their consent; sustained disruption of talks or other events;

    Attendees exhibiting any of these harmful behaviours will be asked to stop immediately. Sponsors, mentors and organizers are also expected to follow the anti-harassment policy.

    In addition, hacks or projects submitted by teams that violate this code may be disqualified or denied the right to demo at the discretion of the event organizers.

    If an attendee engages in harmful behaviour, the event organisers may take any action they deem appropriate, including warning the perpetrator or expelling them from the event with no reimbursement.

    If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed, or have any other concerns, please follow the reporting procedures at the bottom of this document and report the incident immediately. Hack0n Fest staff will be clearly identified and the Co-Directors can be reached at all times via the phone numbers below.

    Hack0n Fest staff will be happy to help attendees contact Event Organizers We value your attendance and expect attendees to follow these rules at Hack0n Fest.

    We are not here to Motivate anyone to do Hacking we are just telling you how to do bug bounty how to secure your network, your devices and how to find the Bugs in the website only If you do any Unethical things from your side Hack0nFest organizer team and company will not be responsible for that.

    Reporting Procedures
    • If you feel uncomfortable or think there may be a potential violation of the code of conduct, please report it through the following methods. All reporters have the right to remain anonymous.Please also don’t hesitate to contact any of the organizers You can get in direct touch with the Co-Directors below:
    • Mangesh Wadibhasme (+91) 866-877-5371
    • You can also email us at
    • If you are uncomfortable reporting a potential violation to the Co-Directors for any reason, please approach the contracted security personnel or Hack0n Fest Core Team (phone number below) on hand for assistance.If you are in need of emergency help, please contact the following resources immediately:
    • Sachin Pandey (+91) 911-237-3208
    • If you have any questions regarding this code of conduct, please contact sachin.p@skillshipfoundation Hack0nfest reserves itself the right to modify this code of conduct at any time.

    102, Reshimbaug Sqaure, skillship foundation, Nagpur India

    twitter instagram